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Paul Marcus
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I've played with photography since I was a kid, but never had the money or equipment to develop my skills until I got a digital camera about three years ago. I have about 25 years professional experience in graphic arts production, so I had a headstart as far as composition and digital editing are concerned.

Since I found DPC over a year ago, I've been working on getting the camera to capture what I visualize, with less reliance on post-shot editing. I'm also always on the lookout for interesting subjects, or interesting perspectives on common subjects.

In addition to working in the printing and graphics field, I've been working in health care since about 1974; for the last 25 years as a Physician Assistant at a substance abuse treatment clinic.

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     Science and Technology Prints
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    155 Wernher von Braun on Impossibilities (wallet print)

    161 Isaac Newton on Humility

    161 Isaac Newton on Humility (wallet print)

    177 Michael McClary on Fusion Power

    177 Michael McClary on Fusion Power (wallet print)

    185 Henry J. Kaiser on Work

    185 Henry J. Kaiser on Work (wallet print)

    199 Ashley Montagu on Science

    199 Ashley Montagu on Science (wallet print)

    And They Say You Can't Polish A ...

    Clouds Over The South Atlantic

    Dare to Ride the Black Plague


    Four Stages of Development

    Grain Elevator

    Magic Mushroom

    Nickel-Iron Meteorite

    The Star Child

    You Name It!
    Showing prints 25 - 43 of 43