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  •  Seller's FAQ
    Print Approval Process
    1. What are the requirements for my printable file?
    2. Why am I only allowed to sell certain sizes?
    3. Why can't I sell all print sizes?
    4. Why do prints have to be approved?
    5. How long will it take for my prints to be approved?
    6. Do my prints have to be approved for me to buy my own prints and gift items?
    7. My print has been approved but it's not showing up on DPCPrints. Why?
    8. How do I know what the status of my approval request is?
    9. Why have some or all of my print sizes been rejected?
    Uploading Prints
    1. How do I get started?
    2. How are prints "connected" to challenge images and portfolio images?
    3. What file type should I use for my prints?
    4. Does a print have to be in my portfolio in order for me to sell it?
    5. Does my print have to exactly match my portfolio image?
    6. Do challenge editing rules apply to my print?
    7. What about challenge entries still in submission and voting status?
    8. Can I update an existing print that has already been approved?
    9. I'm having trouble uploading my printable file. What's going on?
    10. Are there limits to how many prints I can sell?
    Quality and Resolution
    1. How do you determine what print sizes I can sell?
    2. What is DPI?
    3. What is an aspect ratio?
    4. Why am I being shown zero or only one size for my print?
    5. How do I know if my image quality is acceptable for submission?
    6. Why can't I just resize my image to the largest size?
    7. Can I just add a border to make my print the right size?
    8. Why can't the crop/fit tool I have for my personal prints be used for my public-selling prints?
    9. What kind of print quality can I expect?
    1. Can I only sell digital photography?
    2. At what prices should I sell my prints?
    3. Are there any limits on the prices I set for my prints?
    4. What print sizes do you offer?
    5. Can I sell gift items?
    6. How can I track my sales?
    7. What can I do to sell more prints?
    8. How much does it cost for me to buy my own prints?
    9. Why should I sell my prints here?
    10. Do I earn money off of frame sales?
    1. How much do I get for each sale?
    2. When will I get paid?

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