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Sherryl Johnston
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I am so passionate about photography, and always learning something new, each and everyday. I have now been a registered DPC member since January 2006.

My disability and health issues, are put aside, when I am taking photographs. I truely believe photography has given me a second lease on life.

I find it hard to cope some days, but my passion in the photography world, allows me to escape my pain, my dark days, and replaces it with sheer joy.

When I see something that I like to photograph, process it, and then finally see the finished product, here at DPC prints, for you all to enjoy.

My favorite subjects are definately nature, especially the Agave plants, due to there sculptural form, line and curves. I also love everything Australian, landscapes, seascapes, animals, plants and people.

I also have a great passion for macro photography, as I love the wonderful colors, textures, and fine detail, one can get with a macro lens.

Please contact me about any questions you may have reguarding any of my prints. I am here to share my images with you.

Shez's - Quote for life; "Today is the best day of your life, enjoy, and make the most of it".....

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     Digital Art Prints
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    Agave Mauve

    Aquatic Waves

    Checkered Quilt

    Fluro Agave Curves.

    Fluro Leaf

    Metallicia Silver with Border

    Metallicia Yellow

    Ripples of Green

    Silk Croton

    Silk Fronds

    Silk of Blue

    Silky Staghorn

    Silky Veins

    Sydney Opera House Collage-

    Waves of Green
    Showing prints 1 - 15 of 15