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S J Carter
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I have learned more about photography on here than through any other source - and I value that immensely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my DPC friends, acquaintances, critics, and participants. Big thanks too to the DPC founders & SC - they have a VERY tough job and handle it with grace, justice, and class.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of entering challenges more frequently - I kinda got caught up in my own world with portraits, weddings, etc. But I still LOVE the thrill of challenges and the update button addiction. ;-) There's nothing like waking up and having your first thought be "I wonder how my shot's score is doing."

I need to take the advice I gave out a few years ago... "For the newbies out there (and the oldies who have become disenchanted) - DON'T GIVE UP OR TAKE THINGS TOO PERSONALLY! There is something to be learned from almost everything that is provided (both positive and negative)."

I appreciate all of your comments, criticisms, compliments, suggestions, and political/environmental/familial/civil rights/constitutional repartee. There are always some sticks in the mud, but overall I get a lot of benefit from being a member of this site. I love my life and I owe a lot of that to this site and the people who participate here... Thank you.

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    Shenandoah Sunset

    Smith Mountain Lake Sunset

    Sun Burst

    Swinging Bridge

    Swinging Foot Bridge Entrance

    The Clown Within

    The Ivory Co_st

    Tiger Swallowtail

    Topsail Dunes

    Topsail Island Sunrise


    Tree (à la Kerik Kouklis)

    Turn of the Tides

    Union Station

    Virginia Farmland

    Waterfall on Dark Hollow Falls Trail

    Yellow Sunshine
    Showing prints 97 - 113 of 113