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The flower came out quite nicely in the original, but there were a lot of white blotches on the pads. I spent so much time trying to get rid of them that I ending having to go with a DA. As you can see the white blotches are no where to be seen. I selected the water, tried something that I didn't like and went back and deselected the lily shadow from the water cause the lily did not look like part of the image. I used Flaming Pear(FP) India Ink for the water and chose a dark purple/blue color and went over the inked water with the paint brush set on the "color" mode. Then I used FP Twist on the water. I then selected the lily pads and used twist on all of them. Left the lily only except for buzzing the entire image with Fo2PiX Buzz Simplifier No.1.

by Robert Mann

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