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    Why you Shouldn't Resample Too Large

    If you're thinking about resampling to get up to a large-format print, know that aside from making more work for the administrators, you may be damaging DPC Prints as a whole.

    Remember, you only make money off your final sales. If a buyer gets your print and is unhappy with his print quality, he is very welcome to return that print! That means no sale for you. That same buyer, who likely would have just bought your next lowest print size, will now probably not buy again (possibly from the site, and likely not from you) for fear of poor quality. By resampling to the point of quality loss, you are hurting the integrity your prints, as well the integrity of the site as a whole.

    Pay very close attention to the quality of your image if you are resampling it. If it looks bad, you've gone too far. If you have to ask yourself if it's too bad, it probably is. If we rejected a print size, use the review process as a learning tool -- take a look at what was rejected, and try not to do it again. But whatever you do, don't stop sending prints in!

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