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    Quick and Easy Submissions!

    1. Choose an aspect ratio. Examine your print. Do you have the crop you want? Will you be adding a border? Take these factors into consideration and calculate the approximate aspect ratio of what your print will be. Find out what prints match aspect ratios near your calculated aspect. Choose a single aspect ratio based on your calculated print size, the availability of prints, or any other factors you would like to weigh.

    2. Determine how large you can print. Now that you know your target aspect ratio, look at the prints that match that aspect. Take into account your cropped image size, the size of your border, and what amount of resampling you can effectively do on your print without losing quality. This might generally range from 5% to 30%. It is crucial that you do not resample your image too large at the expense of image quality. If the administrators see a lot of pixelation in your file, you're likely not going to be approved for your larger prints.

    3. Create your printable file. We suggest reviewing some of the tutorials on our site for creating your printable file. A Quick Visual Guide To Resampling is an excellent place to start. Remember that if you're going to add any text to your print, do so after you have the final, resampled size of your print.

    4. Submit your print! Use your Portfolio Manager to upload your printable file to the correct portfolio item. Now, you just need to wait for approval.

    5. Sell your print! Once you are approved for your print sizes, you simply need to set your prices and mark your prints as 'active'. Your print will not show up on DPChallenge Prints until you do so. Best of luck selling!!

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