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    Make an Additional 25% with the Referral Program

    Members may now make money by referring sales to DPCPrints! You will receive 25% of the profit (*) for any print sale you refer! If you refer the sale of one of your own prints, you make 75% of the profit from the sale! If you refer the sale of someone else's print, you make 25% of the profit from that sale.

    Here's how it works...

    To get credit for a referral, you simply need to link to the site using your personal DPCPrints URL. Your URL is:

    By default, this link will take a visitor to your portfolio. If you wish to have that person be directed to another page instead, simply add a '/' followed by the name of the file and any parameters to the end of your url. To put this another way, you can link a visitor to any page on the site by replacing 'www' with your username. That is...
    * This will take the visitor to the home page.
    * This will take the visitor to the Macro gallery page.
    * This will take the visitor directly to YOUR Macro gallery, showing only your macro prints.

    If you would like to link directly to a print to sell, you can use the method above, or you can simply put the image's ID directly after your URL. Keep in mind that this is not limited to your own prints! An example of this type of link is as follows:

    By linking with your personal site link in any format, you're given credit for a referral for that user. If that user purchases any print within 12 hours (and isn't referred by another user in the mean time), you'll receive 25% of the profit for that sale. Pretty cool, eh?

    Your URL already works. If your username has a space in it, you may use '%20' for the space, or you can contact us to change your username for you.

    To make sure that your links are working, simply look at the bottom of any page after you follow your referral link. You should see 'You were referred by [username].' If you don't, your link is incorrect or you do not have cookies enabled.

    You can easily track your referrals and referral sales by visiting your My Account page.

    Tracking Your Referrals Further...

    You can further track your referrals by entering a unique indicator at the end of your URL. This is very useful for a few reasons -- if you're advertising on search engines by keyword, you can set different URLs with different indicators so you know exactly what search keywords are doing best for you. Also since internet users sometimes block web sites from seeing the referral information and some internet gateways don't pass along referral information (email, instant messaging, etc), the unique indicator can serve as that missing field and allow you to effectively find out what the most effective advertising methods are. You can configure the unique indicator by adding a "tr" parameter to your URL:
    * This will take users to your profile and note in your referral tracker that it came from Yahoo.
    * This will take users to the DPCPrints homepage and note in your referral tracker that it came from your web site.
    * This will take users to the Macro gallery page and note in your referral tracker that it came from your web site.

    The unique indicator is limited by 10 characters. Anything longer and it will just be trimmed.

    How to Get Started...

    There's really no limit to how many different ways you can refer sales, but here's some quick ideas.
    • Add a signature to your forum posts on this and all other sites you visit, linking to your referral URL.
    • Add a signature to your outgoing e-mails. Friends and family are very likely to want to help you out.
    • If you have an online gallery anywhere, add a 'Buy a Print' link with your personal URL and the image ID. These types of sales referrals are already proven very effective.
    • If you have a website, blog, journal, etc., place a prominent link to the site using your personal URL. This can of course be in any format to fit your site. If you've got friends who run websites, see if they'll link you.
    • Get your site linked on your favorite website. If you know any popular link-sharing sites, post a link to your site.
    • Link directly to your favorite images. These can be your own or someone else's.
    • Create business cards using your referral URL. Not only does it look very professional, but it makes you more money!
    • Create fliers to put around town -- coffee shops, frame stores, on campus, at work, ...
    • Tell other communities you belong to about your site. Forums are a great place to start.
    • If you're feeling really ambitious, you could even try running any kind of online or traditional advertisting campaign using your URL.
    • Get creative. Any traffic you bring to your site is a potential sale. Make money while you're sleeping and all that good stuff :)
    Please feel free to share how you're promoting your DPCPrints site in this forum thread. If you've got any questions, feel free to contact us.

    Good luck, and happy selling!

    * Remember, profit is defined as the selling price minus the base price of any print. This is the same thing you're used to seeing, I just wanted to make sure it was clear.

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