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    What are the requirements for my printable file?

    First, prints must only be approved if you are selling them on DPChallenge Prints. If you're just uploading images for your own prints and gift items, you don't need to worry about any of this! To read more about printing your own products and gift items, click here.

    Each print you sell on DPChallenge Prints must be approved by the administrators. We follow these general criteria:
    • Your print must match exactly one of our acceptable aspect ratios.
    • Each print must meet our minimum DPI of 150 at each print size you wish to sell.
    • Your image cannot have been resized so large that it has affected the quality of your image.
    • Your print should not contain an excessive border.
    • Your print must not violate our Terms of Use.
    • Your print must generally match your portfolio item.
    If your print is rejected for any reason, you'll be notified on your print selling page.

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